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My head is full of other things right now.

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Everybody's talking about what Jong did.

I was hired to kill your friend.

She accused her of having stolen the bike.


I have been in business for two years now.

They dressed Vassili in fine clothes and next day he was married to Anastasia.

That's the last thing I want to do.

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The ruler was overthrown and banished from the country.

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The plane's going down.

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When will I get to Boston?

You're a very attractive man.

Let me know the result as soon as you can.

We need to get you some help.

Some people have a terror of mice.


He hasn't got glasses.

The presiding judge was touched by pity for the accused.

Look, Robin and Jos are holding hands! They're so cute!


You said you were in trouble. How can I help?

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Fritz abandoned the mission and quit his job.


Kristen says that he's too tired to study.

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His business is growing rapidly.

Johan was at loss for words.

I won't do that.


I'm willing to try eating anything you eat.

Let me speak to them first.

Do you think they'll find him guilty?


While he was sick, he lost a lot of weight.

All her sentences are short.

That's likely a misprint.

I think I'll go skiing.

Bulgarian is very similar to Russian.

We respect him as a good senior.

The switch is off.

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She listened to me patiently and very attentively.

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Today is January 2nd.

There is nothing wrong with boys wearing cosmetics.

Phiroze isn't fazed.


She has talent in writing.

She walked in the woods.

Tobacco smoke causes cancer.

I love to learn new things.

How many of these did you buy?

Don't forget to mail this letter on your way to school.

Louis the 14th, known as the "Sun King", brought about the golden age of the French absolute monarchy.


Life is a journey, not a destination.

Srikanth loosened his tie and removed his glasses.

Mr Wall put off going to the dentist's.


That must be heavy.


He who chases two hares catches none.


You're a month behind in your rent.

Tracy had never used chopsticks before then.

This bicycle belongs to my brother.

It is taken for granted that students know how to express themselves.

We are all liable to make mistakes.

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Emily looked like an old man.

The treasure could be anywhere.

They're going to hang Meeks.

I've seen them before.

Sanand went down on one knee and asked Trent to marry him.

Like it or not, you have to go.

I've already spoken to Lonhyn about it.

That's a very generous offer.

Speaking of films, why not go to the cinema tonight?


Do I smell cookies?

He asked me if I knew his father.

You sure had me fooled.

Shape is very important.

I didn't mean that the way it sounded.


He is sure of winning the game.

Lori looks a little tired.

Except for Taro, Jiro is the tallest.


Your dog always barks at me.

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You are a pain in my neck!


Vistlik held the car door open for Marco.

Why did you get lost in the woods?

The belief in the brotherhood of men seems like an idiotic dream nowadays.


The crowd was mostly women and children.

That's a possibility, isn't it?

What do you think I think?


Tell Richard what's going on.

Brian was killed with this rock.

Can you see me?

I'll be up all night working.

Never say the word "bomb" on an airplane.

The rain stopped as soon as they went inside.

He didn't see anything.

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I'm working on something.

Put the teapot on the burner, otherwise the tea will be cold.

The people wanted a chance to become rich.

Why doesn't she help me anymore?

What Jason really wanted was a new car.

I was too surprised to speak.

Capitalism might be the best means we know of for generating wealth, but it is not a perfect system for distributing wealth.

Hope springs eternal.

What goes on in here?


Norm did something wrong.

She took a change of clothes in her suitcase as they were staying overnight.

Get off me.

You are mad to try to do it all alone.

Nobody likes to pay taxes.

Mott watched the race through binoculars.

I had to drop out of college and get a job.

We made a bargain.

Kikki looked at a snowflake through his microscope.


We've been searching for them.

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I told you that before.


It's the soccer match tomorrow.

Nikolai often calls Barbara.

He might have lied to me.

It's my custom to go for a walk before breakfast.

My car is parked out front.

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What makes you think that's what caused the fire?

The negotiations made little progress.

The game lasted too much.

Have you given George permission to leave?

My brother was injured in the car accident.

Tell him he should submit his immediate resignation.

Jay picked up the old scissors.


She bought him a car.

I accepted the challenge.

Angela shot Pedro.

He bagged all of his hopes of getting into first place.

What's the weather like there?

What did you tell her about us?

Cook about one and a half cup of rice.


Lar pretended that he didn't see it.

Malloy is a gruff man.

The boy is mad for a bicycle.

Do you remember the night Todd died?

What would you suggest we do?

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My mother likes tulips very much and so does my sister.

They started a vigorous discussion.

Niels doesn't like people who manipulate others.


You should try to live within your means.

I feel as good as I've ever felt.

Phil hasn't bought a new pair of shoes in three years.

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Skype was designed for couples in long-distance relationships.

I put the book on the table in the living room.

I was pretty surprised.

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By degrees the friendship between him and her grew into love.

General Braddock was killed.

What are you all doing here?

If I miss the train, I'll get on the bus.

Is Ralph fighting?

His speech got awfully boring.

Why do you still have this?

I want to go back home, where my father is waiting for me.

I knew the risk.

You have to let me help you.

I have a lot of things to tell you.

That'll really make me sick.

Cristina is a perfect gentleman.

I keep saying that I'm innocent, but no one will listen.

I am not nice, I am merciful.

Mine is better than yours.

What exactly happened here?


They toured France during their honeymoon.

I'm not going to spend the rest of my life in jail.

There's nothing you could've done to prevent that from happening.